Detective services infidelity

This is one of the most typical missions of Bao Tin detective is investigating the press and TV channels reported.
Investigation adultery - she once 3
As a wealthy family in District 3 , husband wife business as a teacher . Because her husband had felt abnormal as early or go late , calling in regularly break the machine did not see her husband . Combined with the story husband no longer seems interested blanket pillow talk to his wife suspected her husband had a mistress .
Received from customer contracts , Detective Bao Tin took the minimum information to identify objects and detectives launched the " most combative " follow -up.
The follow-up of this case is nothing to be said by the first day they found her husband with a young girl go after business hours . But the results of about 10 days to track the cause of Bao Tin detective at the same time also shocked because this man dating her 3 !
The results of each day the notice to the customer . But this is also a client ' solid surface ' because after getting ' thunderclap ' um she do not rush to calm and still continue to demand the detective Bao Tin see two more tracks have a close relationship and whether there is to it " consequences " do not . As a result her with all 3 , but not to the " consequences " but her husband were intimate relationship !
But there are also those who ' eat clean edge awkward to know ' that the private detective is hard work and the wife is constantly " good loss ." These are cases where private detectives to track dozens clear day , to the last day , when the contract is close to termination , the ' third person ' revealed new .

The hardest is with the " giants " for fear of his wife and children should detect the bodyguard hired to protect . To access these giants are not that easy because every unusual move around all fall into the sights of hands tall burly bodyguards . Just seeing who has expressed his scrutiny is all they will immediately intervene .
In that case , the detective Bao Tin had made ​​himself the " giants " , also paired with " long legs " for a chance to reach the area of the object to be tracked , then by the professional detectives , they will have a way to record images as evidence handed over to customers .

There are also cases where clients hire private detectives to track their spouse, but to learn information when it turns out the couple accidentally and find a place to track each other thanks !

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