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Because older model white iPhone 4 16 GB are missing a few rows in client countries so as to guarantee Apple will be changed for the new generation model without paying any fee .

According to the website 9to5mac , iPhone 4S customers are changing shape Refurbished ( old restaurant has been remodeled Apple ) . Some cities in the U.S. and Canada will be getting this preferential policy .

iPhone 4S was launched in October last year brought many improvements compared to older versions . The product is equipped with " voice assistant " Siri , A5 dual-core chip help to run applications smoothly , 8 megapixel camera and powerful graphics card .

Refurbished products are returned due to manufacturer error or the customer is not satisfied about the quality . Meanwhile, the company will repair and repackage as new and sold at a cheaper price . The format Refurbished Apple products are replaced the battery and the new shell .

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