Detective Sherlock Holmes break the case, "The Turtle"

Despite the end of the summer , has passed on the full moon in July but still hot Vietnam sun blazing . Detective Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson melon fruit pack to Vietnam to carry out a survey contracts .
Upon arrival at Noi Bai airport , two people opened a private practice in the city for medical treatment .
Other beautiful wife planned " accidental " billionaire husband led her to her clinic for a medical examination . According to the testimony of his wife , the husband recently had expressed very tired , sleeping or talking night dreaming of a meaningless sentence like " love" , "O " , " U" ... very, very strange . Visit him on the Sherlock Holmes also found in the back of this he appeared very much the haemorrhagic arc with a radius of about 10 millimeters , chord length approximately 8 millimeters , more specifically his skin very well-defined spots as on exotic tortoise shell , or crocodile skin , especially areas like knees and hands are the most obvious . And again according to his wife , the husband had recently visited a temple sacred heard .
Investigations become increasingly bringing occult colors , spirituality .
Dr. Watson Trang Tien excuse for not knowing any man 's body on the books " Darwin's theory of evolution " to try to find out any details about the event: he can turn back into a turtle . But absolutely not ! And Sherlock Holmes is to make all public maternity hospital in Vietnam to take notes and figure out the rules peculiar type of mutation , " the turtle " but also had insufficient.
Time shuttle fleet included . Two people in Vietnam have almost 1 and a half months of investigative work that still seems like a dead end . They start to sound daunting , the dragonfly gambling , breach of contract to go to the land of Conan Doyle , then suddenly one day they accidentally discovered billionaire husband walk in the park with a model who is beautiful . In the first detective flashed a thought : " Why do not approach in this direction , right? "
Two days after Sherlock Holmes has been the model easier invited to play at noon home deserted . Here Sherlock Holmes startled discovered on his knee also appeared strange figures on turtle shells as billionaires like the other guy . More exotic dropping peeled back on her plate model has deep imprints squares like always alligator .
- Ah ca ! Ah ca ! Find out already! found it ! - Sherlock Holmes and clamored to original as you are , leave the model , ran a marquetry of Doctor Watson 's office .
Turns out she 's sleeping in bed the other models have sprayed a bamboo mat !

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