Private Detective tells of sneakers required

For nearly a month , Lan's life completely turned upside down by the anonymous letter sent to the agency with the denunciations her go out with her ​​boyfriend in Shanxi . Then , an anonymous letter and continue to send her photographs are eating the same old boyfriend for her family and authorities . Ms. Lan is a key member of the Board of Directors of the company . At the company is preparing to be the first purchase of shares . Since the letter is sent , internal boiling . The delicate , guys gloat , have sympathy and pity . Back home , her husband was silent , cold . The atmosphere in the family always stretch as strings . Her family is preparing to go to America to represent the company . Situation at time management , you do not know how to explain to her husband , with his colleagues . You go to a private detective , tracing the whereabouts and sneakers started .
Lan said: Some time ago , I learned to drive in Ba Vi and have met ex-boyfriend . Two people eating lunch together , driving her close to him before . Then she went to Hanoi with his car . She has not told her husband to hide the encounter on . Even then , you believe her relationship with her boyfriend sent to the company and family . He confirmed the driver did not do it . She wants to know who hit who believe and what motivated . Moreover, she wanted to prove to her husband that there is no story , especially business wants peace , crushed suspicion in the family company which has invested heavily in it . Her time is required 10 days . According to customer suspected , the culprit could be enjoy - a member of the Board of Directors have many conflicts of interest to you . Also, possibly due to the wife or girlfriend of boyfriend 's jealous cause for .
Did take action on mutual trust within the company , a great impact on business , lost emotional couple children in the family , ex-boyfriends side he also suspected . If you find the culprit and the truth will vindicate case for Lan and for those who " get " innocence comfort her . Too little time , not much clue and just based on speculation of customers , a prepaid mobile number call to the agency and the newspaper photocopies defamatory letter . " Professional judgment " is outlined , Hung detective assigned general direction . Under the plan , the detectives quickly spread to verify the clue "
A detective planning and building detailed scenarios for his campaign ( the most suspicious ) after knowing preliminary character and habits of this and needs to sell a product that the Lan company 's secret output ( information provided by Lan ) . Based on that , the role of a detective Giang young entrepreneurs , have large demand for products that enjoy his company a source .
Thanks acting " as real" detective , he does not enjoy doubts that came to embrace . After two exposures , that had to bite their prey , Giang Huong decided to invite his closest aides and his lunch . To an intimate dinner , a new detective " confession " : "Actually, before I met you , I 've tripled ... ! " Huong said he was startled to here . Detectives continued, said while observing millimeter facial , eyes , hands are his movement : " I 've met , but she did not seem very eager for this service , I moved to work with him . When I mentioned his name , she seems upset . " At this point , he was surprised to enjoy from pale .... just then the phone rang detective , I'm sorry to hear the machine out to the two people sit down to eat in a long time ...
After Jiang detectives out, he was startled enjoy because potential customers are with their order turned out to have been exposed three times to purchase. Moreover, she was indifferent to this order only because she hates her . Feeling overwhelmed to detectives shortly after the phone into the hallway . Enjoying his fierce debate pressing assistant . Content includes discussion of Lan affair . Two people who know where the next table , Thai - a beautiful female detective - are listening to the whole story and not miss watching the whole emotion of the past two facial expressions , expressive . The survey results are placed on the table leaders . Mr. Huong not related to the anonymous letter on . The main internal debate and expressions of psychological states are objectively help detectives exonerated him enjoy .
Lan review the report convince the detective , turned out for the injustice they have good facilities . Little had changed the business plan of the company that just because the suspect . Author with his contract has been signed and enjoy buying to avoid suspicion ( of course buy less detective and money buying and selling place due care of clients ) . Type a clue to the other ghosts bigger and harder , so if subjects who did not even own .
The detective read the contents and styles of writing anonymous letters typed and constantly check the phone number to call to speak ill of the other . The tone is not anything special , that number is prepaid and is always off . Suddenly , provide customer calls : When checking her husband's phone , she discovered that the phone number to call once a 4- day silent but her husband did not say anything . Detectives speculate there are two possibilities , a falsely accused person is under the direction of her husband after she watched her findings or accidentally eat and go along with your old car that day . The other is her husband who is well informed in such a way that the agency colleagues receive . He suspected his wife was waiting for her quiet self- confessed ...
The time limit for only one day , but the job is not finished . The next day , the couple flew Lan . Detectives noticed he seemed restless husband , the wife also noticed that. It's just guilt feelings just jealous , half want a quick fly half wanted to stay . Lan also began fidgeting and the shooting that her husband watched , spread the message and image. Detectives advised to calm customers by still no clear conclusion . Every move of all the clues (including Lan ) also placed in the sights . All are strained like the strings .
New clues have emerged on the same night , he hurried husband heard a call , is very frustrating . Turns out he is the main culprit . Lan angry and scornful husband to suffocate . She could not believe that her husband can do it . If he suspected her of infidelity , the shortage of ways , why write a letter calling for her agency in a bad light . You do not stand the husband pulled out " to the left " in nature . Detective Hung back , " assistant fire " should advise clients calm , so hurry down very easily lead to job . However , her mood is urgent burst of pent want , Hung dose had to say : " I have concluded , is not he , but tomorrow officially tell you ." Reduce fire spread . Hung also is worried ...
The password for the spread at home Lan , Lan agency where her husband , both in the airport where the couple planned to fly to the procedures . All movements around the couple and detective areas drills are monitored . As expected , detectives discovered a new white car hard , and appear discreetly watched her home country. The woman in the car was young and quite beautiful . About 20 minutes after leaving the car , detectives followed . 30 minutes later , detectives got a picture identification . Who is this girl ? Detective unclear but certainly involves gossiping on . The remaining problem is to determine the identity and motives of the truth of this woman .
Lan realized this she was the one who pursued her husband for some time before she married couple . She has worked with companies couple times but after that should stay unnoticed . Curtain revealed . But there is no crime or who is only a " detective " is someone hired to track spouses Lan ? Important questions unanswered . Detectives speed up the level Shanxi , bringing recognition and number plate on the vehicle type restaurant located on the way to Ba Vi , waitress confirmed that the woman in the photo or eat at the restaurant so well in school driving at the time .
Back to Hanoi , met the girl on and not take time to determine the cause . The information and logical to speculate that accidentally met Lan and her boyfriend were eating at the same restaurant floor in the dining room . She used the mobile phone to capture the picture. She said the information inadvertently couple prepares to My Lan from her husband . She wanted to cause emotional dislike for his blindness . She herself had informed the Lan Lan husband went with her boyfriend and romance weave though not true , as her husband also fell into the trap , his suspicious wife . Monitoring mysterious girl for some time , with professional private detectives had tapes of her happy story describes how Lan broke her , advising her how to use it to bar Union with her ​​husband , everything went into orbit .

Finally , the detectives find out who has the breast and , defamatory , intelligent direction and strikes him maintain a partnership between Lan and Huong, cleared the doubts of her husband in the Netherlands shortly . And most importantly , the detectives seize the trust of customers with an excellent agent .

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