The disease drug boss

We narrowed eating meals that I spend a lot of time to her husband fled to his apartment , or hotel discreetly . Are even sneaking on his car even when parked in the empty road .

Compared with her ​​in the room, I was really breath of fresh air . 27 years old , has a master's degree , as well all the office work , quick thinking , creative ... plus many , right from the first time I stepped foot in the company has the self- confident demeanor with the CV spotless . But I did not make it Choe , just a few months , " enter the contest " I was quickly won the hearts of people the same room .

I married at 25 years old , no children . Family life with no waves , even to the dull peace . My husband is not a romantic flair . Rarely married before he asked me to the movies or eating out , holidays instead of buying her gifts , he told me to put the money to buy what they like to buy , nobody likes to eat the food , you have to work or are rest after the trip . Sometimes I think getting married at the age of too much ( 8 years) so bland new marriage like this . Meanwhile , I was a lively girl , likes to go out and do things the play inspired .

My boss is a talented man . One hand he has established and mass marketing management , all employees in the sector have been perfect as wages are now driven by good teacher like him . I hear the longtime employees recounted , 5 years ago , when the company because of financial hardships , he has stood out to set the salaries for everyone . So , when the company sustainable development until today , he is one of the best 3 leader , was extremely loving staff . His personality is also very good , fun and youthful . He is still single but subtle and experienced successor to make a girl like me to be married anxiety .

From time to work in the new company , I 'd get more companies want to go home . Everyone in the room loved me , sometimes hours melt everyone gathered to eat , see movies . Gradually , I became an indispensable figure in the cultural activities at the company , and since then I feel my boss is gradually noticed more .

The invitation to eat , and a few such gift on any occasion , just " see or buy or you do not know you like it " well enough to please me all day . He is different from my husband , very delicate and pampered women . He started chatting with me more, we both said things outside of work , even at night I can be late to go eat with him and lied that her husband is so busy making projects .

"Thanks ," the busy capital and bland husband , the more I want to get close to him . During a reception go with him , on his way back from driving while using hand to hand with me . He does not say a sentence , I too ... We totally silent but my hand was limp in his arms , I knew I had really been " dumped " before wisdom and gentle boss . After this , he just said he liked me ever since I stepped foot in the company . He told me that a girl had a strong allure that he can not resist , but he was not so foolish that " dalliance " with office girl , very easy to make the affected public .

The way you take care and pamper me completely conquered . Thanks to him , I learned to dinner in a restaurant , café 4-5 star hotel . Not that I have not been there , but to have dinner with the one you love in romantic candlelight and intimate , tender , I have never experienced with her husband . My friend and I can talk forever bored , sometimes even invite each other to the movies , listening to music . I feel with you , between us there is no gap , but the gap between my new husband more and more remote .

Some time later , can not stand emotional restraint , I fell into his arms . Hesitation , fear transient detection husband but I know as a person indifferent husband and I would never know where this affair . No doubt me and he 's the whole thing , we work together and forget everything around . He gives me the feeling ever , and I'm hard to compress his desires . He is a veteran and experienced with sex , with you I like to be fully explored the new role and I am more " addicted " to him . We narrowed eating meals that I spend a lot of time to her husband fled to his apartment , or hotel discreetly . Are even sneaking on his car even when parked in the empty road .

Everything from him all that enthralled me , I love working on this with all our mind and emotions . He jokes , " I think I cast a spell on him , did , this addiction you how well you rule ! " , I just want to say , "Why should rule , I will be together forever " , but think for a moment where should my single girl so I can not promise anything before . " Hide " is always good , I like playing a risky game , but how much more and even more heart-pounding excitement that much more . I think everyone is looking to you , do also think of lying on cozy bed and " sex " with him . When I say that, he laughed and hugged me tightly , together we experienced the passionate moments that a man would not be able to give me , including my husband.

The affair with the boss made ​​me love life more , he was spoiled materially and full of sex makes me more beautiful , more radiant . What I did not expect was lately my husband became interested in her , he compliments me more beautiful , toned people ( because I gym regularly ) should want to " love " his wife more . From about the crib , my husband wanted to reheat family life , for the first time since the wedding invite me to the movies to see , restaurants to eat that does not require the tedious sleepy . Husband does not want me to stay " do more " late , but welcome to take my place on . Like the other women , husbands must love the way my own happy but it felt too awkward.

I can not be with your boss as much as before , very sneaky when to enlist 15 , 20p on nostalgia car or send him to chat , messaging . I was more uncomfortable to watch than her husband , to put the phone and deleted immediately pass a message to the boss . In the husband that I just remembered the boss , kill me skin hugs and passionate kisses when we got married on the bed wrapped . Indeed, with her ​​husband , I was feeling cold all right! He has graciously afternoon how his wife ( husband recently awarded a 8-3 diamond encrusted necklace , so that I do not feel happy ) , I also compared the boss alone .

Men also think about cheating spouses and offspring , but women love it once ignorant , not know anything anymore . I know I am guilty of is a very big if , then divorces husband knows for sure . But I was not afraid of divorce, we do not have children , and emotionally cold . Boss know , he told me all about the decision , but I should not divorce her husband so publicly with him as this will greatly affect his reputation in the company . He wanted us to keep this affair , he will always give me a sense of " pop-up " , will always caring , gentle with me .

With him is easy , but to me , a party is intertwined husband is emotionally demanding warming , one side is his passionate , passionate , always this burning love , how can I " need " enough . Certainly I would have to give up either . I 'm the type of women who live on instinct , inspiration tells how , I will do so as well . But in this case I can not find a way , I hope you go for advice .

I know when this article was posted , many will blame me for nothing , would " throw stones " is much more to share , but please understand that we are living in the world can not say romance sense , as it can not control . Where to live by instinct a bad thing if it makes your life more comfortable ?

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