Detective Conan (last episode)

The final episode of Detective Conan sad but very touching. The final episode will be a showdown between two powerful position , including the following :

- Group 1 : your favorite characters .

- Group 2 : The professor is unmasked killers , led us black shirt , and a number of other cronies who also unmasked . I noticed Whiskey wife and two daughters , born killers . A girl and two other boys in the police station for injection

1 . Tokio and Osaka .
2 . Conan - Shinichi ( came back as the old , one-eyed one eye because she was a black reporter shot )
3 . Ran Mori ( Always follow the Shin )
4 . Hattori - ( revenge for her lover , fat black guy was shot while covering the Hattori )
Mr. Mori ( why is not dead , right ? )
5 +6 . Shin 's father ( father but by the end of this write detective stories were headed black guy shooting , whiskey must )
7 +8 +9 . His square face and inspection 2 Takagi couple - she 's his boss ( Having been married )
Those who have died , and will die : He inspection fat lover Hattori , Mr. Kudo , his old FBI sniper good guy and some other police inspector

Conan's final episode :

Dr. Agasa is true Mafia boss and Conan knew that already , please consider penultimate episode then you will know only that , he foresaw Conan truth hurts , he quietly looking for answers " why can Agasa is the boss behind every story , and told us wrong and Vodska Whisky is black ? " .

If you notice in this episode , you will see that Conan had always thought it to silver . It is my guy now our Detective Conan . He has quietly follow the trail that Agasa left ( in this episode , Dr. Agasa had died suddenly in black men being shot dead , but the dead is true , then his son Asatachi . Persons only son of his old age, because Agasa was very intimate with the kids as Conan , Genta ... so when he died , no one in doubt both of them , and even detective Conan Mori , and his Ph.D. Agasa has returned to his base in New York - United States to personally hand out his final campaign was annexed both Japan and New York , a horrible plot ! ) After graft traces his boss leaving Dr. Shinichi know the origin of the email that we have sent to him in black , Shinichi was the same with the police and FBI Japanese + NewYork find out where they 're hiding black shirt , and quickly kill them all , leaving no one ever called . But police and FBI as Wishky not hurry , vodka and " ripe apple " and 1 other limbs close tycoon Dr . They were quick to New York , newspaper magnate known for . Now doctors know that bosses plot was exposed , he was black and they all quickly left leg on duty but failed . Sure you remember Jimmy's father is a writer and mother of Shinichi 's first professional actor . 2 killed wife are two of the closest henchman of Dr. and faked burglary to tea on them . And he loved writers of us - father of Shinichi Shinichi has been reported . But he led one terrible consequences , he was black they caught and killed .

What about Jimmy's mom ? After they killed the father of Shinichi black shirt , they also suspect there are people among them are disguised to blend into . So one day, Dr. boss personally take a look one by one , but only heard the summons of Dr. mogul 's wife - the mother of Shinichi did not know that there is something good then , people acting professional but also can know the details of the story instead . She was quick escape , but we know that she is in black fled immediately to the chase, running and shooting ( because bases in desolate country so no one can hear guns ) . Lucky for her , her right to hold office at the police station road . Because many members are no longer black shirt so we were not able to get in the police station . And she had told the police , but the police did not listen , said she was alarmed , for her countless clinics , watch 24/24 .

Even when she was very ill health , then they Shinichi , Haibara , Ran Mori , Mr. Mori ( now the government has been handling firearms license ) and Megune sheriff , Takagi and New York police were collapsed into mogul base PhD . As a result, all shot in black men but could not killed the scientist because he was fled , and unfortunately Ran Mori Mori and he led every 2 shots right into the heart by the hand and Uytski " green apple " shot .

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