Feeling of detectives

Demand detective in society is increasing , especially in the big cities. The private detective Saigon still roamed day and night in all walks of life to meet the needs of the population lives , whether sleuthing law has not been acknowledged .

Feeling of the investigating detectives

Body Paint Detective Division detectives said he was pursuing a four-year career was over , absolutely not because of economic reasons that stem from the passion detectives have been doing since childhood . Bachelor's degree in English , are making a telecommunications equipment company in Germany , but the company said detectives investigating service information , he quit to go do the detective .

He used to be more " missions " successful, client contract bonuses million . Than five months ago , while monitoring a drunken " night mission " for a week at home , the thief sneaked into cleaner stole money, jewelry worth $ 100 million that the couple saved both decades.

His wife purple people angry , nagging : "I watched others go very good , but the theft did he not try to investigate the culprit for my mother thanks ." Detective Son could only go ... police report !

Long Detectives launched by profession should act very secretive , elegantly dressed than before , cell phones ringing and the majority of the female voice . Then there are people who know that he has several times in the cafe " to the small center " with her ​​little son son so jealous wife vending machine , once the drag forces to fight ... client of her husband . " I'm a detective , so she's not totally believe in this world who sleuthing , just tell me to go lie about dating ! " - Detective Long said.

Detective Long had been a bloody husband Wanderer live without a fight excess death detective Security girder years in the hotel for a month " burn bag " but still could not get the photo to a gentleman " had an affair " ; detective crowd gathered Son according to race a car being broken leg , detectives were kids growing Grower Ha sexual harassment and they can not reveal identity ...

Dangerous occupational accidents can happen at any time with detectives . But as detectives Son said: " Sometimes I do not understand why he engaged in this activity , too dangerous , the society has not been acknowledged , sometimes not believe his wife and children . Nevertheless , in practice , we always know the right time to stop , for invasion of private conversations , personal others can not go to jail as smart play . "

Detective professional , ever?

As many business owners have active investigation services , information gathering civil , private detective needs in today's society is very large , especially in matters related to family relationships spouses, children as the search for lost elderly , children leave home , the information provided in marriage and family relations , provide information to protect intellectual property rights , industrial property , providing information about goods counterfeit ...

The director of a company detective said : " Often when a new client and find out how our lives are usually needs but essential in a modern society . Try asking a child leave home , parents know that search , police said that it was not their function , but with our private detective professional approach to meet such needs " .

Private detective services sector is a very sensitive so now only one company in Hanoi officially licensed to operate in this field is investigating the company and protect V. In addition, there are several companies operating under the name detective called support services , provide information in Hanoi also be allowed to establish branches in the city such as Consulting Co., Ltd. Provide Information - B.

The company , other groups in the city detective must evade the law works in different forms and different names . Do not officially licensed and operational management , unified orientation of private detective work should now functioning as an entirely spontaneous .

Where private detectives have been recruited and trained in motivational curriculum . They are former security officer , criminal police , lawyer , lawyers , sociologists , psychologists and qualified professional for reconnaissance , survey ... But detectives also where people just flat hand , that this job is easy " feeding " should " sleep a night " was a detective !

A company director is a former detective chief security officer confessed : " This is a sensitive and professional occupations , not only requires the business to have a career , a passion , but it is more important to know to keep the mind , ethics .

I hope the official law allows companies detective work . There are lists quotations agreement more beneficial to society than in the training , coaching and also to control this type of service . Benefit society and state management easier . " Expectations of the director as well as expectations of many private detective brother are true everyday practice serves a real need and social need .

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