The fatal mistake

" Macti , I decided to kill Amanda ." Depressed Baoecxo shivered suddenly . Was sent to England to be connected . Did you just tell the coordinator is finding a wireless connection off and going . Due to an accident that I 've connected with someone's line . thing Macti male voice tells the intent to kill Amanda .

I know both of them are unaware that someone is eavesdropping . Depressed to not only hear , but the man 's voice again rang out : - Macti , you have not heard ? I have to say that I decided to kill Amanda .

Maybe he joked , depressed thinking and stop breathing .

- I do not think it 's too early right? - Macti asked calmly as being asked about the weather or about football - Bacbara died less than two months . Maybe a little letter mail .
- I know that, but can not wait . This time is ideal killings , extreme lightness .
- PIT , if I remember right , the last time he had said so .
- This time , everything will be smooth . Amanda was allergic to everything . Just for the pastry dough into a tablespoon of oil is something finished .
- He is not afraid of hounds would suspect ?
- You can trust me . No one would suspect . All matter is that Amanda likes to eat baked pastries .
- Did you want to kill two women the same way ? - Macti stunned .
- Why the same way ? Did you forget the way I kill Bacbara . I was due to nicotine obtained from tobacco . He knew she was only smoking half a cigarette has collapsed right in front of me . When the ambulance arrived, her heart stopped beating .

After a short silence , Macti asked :

- Cost of insurance is how many times ?
- You have to remember that. Amanda , I do not need the insurance money . One time , I told him she worked as a nurse in a hospital . Did you know that thanks to her that I did not understand anything ? Read: on holidays , especially at night , in the hospital , only doctors but patients are usually much more densely day . Sometimes , but not until 3 , 4 hours to be seen . I was watching the calendar . Labor Day is coming . Just less than three months. I will poison Amanda . When she was about to faint , I transported to the hospital . She will die while waiting for medical examination . I'm guilty of lack of attention to hospital patients and claim large sums of money .

This time it was a long silence . Perhaps , Macti 'm thinking something. Depressed holding their breath , waiting to hear .

Macti said suspiciously :

- I do not know , but there is a weak link there .
- Everything's going smoothly , he Macti sir . I believe so . He did remember , I said the same about the murder Bacbara . No one expected me . Everyone thinks that because heart disease ...
- He spoke about Labor Day . This means that you have prepared ?
- Of course . As I capital carefully . All must be prepared carefully .

Depressed understand someone talking in two people from the office and are working Macti . Then , depressed not heard asked , answered . I guess the question is can pit was found guilty of irresponsible doctors are not .

After a minute of silence , Macti said :

- Everything will be fine . Will nothing ... But sorry , I have to go , have a female customer is important to wait for me .
- Women ?
- Blue Beard , he is not familiar . She was living independently ... Piter , he has turned into animals .
- I'm a beast ? Amanda is a new beast . So , I decided to let her sleep permanently .

The two tease each other , then hung farewell .

Ducts looked depressed stupor . He had to do something, call somebody told of the intention of the pit . But I understand eavesdropping is illegal and at least he would have lost their jobs or at most fined a large amount , being in prison . Conversely , if hushed conversation , then Amanda will die . Macti who call for dialogue as green vegetables , which means that his wife Amanda .

Depressed decisions : The call to the police . But what to say ? Speaking randomly hear the story between two men and one in two people said it would kill her after 3 months ? How to police the pit ? in New York , there are hundreds pit you Macti , his wife Amanda . Depressed phone calls to the station to ask some of the pit . Then he phoned coordinator . A minute later , he said that he lived at home Pito Mecric 223 , Xoxnova city . What they know him slightly . He believed that he had recently read in the newspaper . Maybe stories about the " premature death " of his wife , but he does not remember his wife 's name or Macgaret Bacbara .

Depressed house looked bewildered face and then suddenly shuddered like an electric shock . He completely forgot that the call came from the city . Furthermore, he has worked almost opposite in that two-story building with tiny plates number ... 223 . Piter Mecric and Amanda lived there .

On the second floor window , there are men who just stared at him while talking over the phone . Guess it's Mecric Pito , depressed quickly on line .

Piter talking to Macti :

- Yes . But among the victims did not have my brother 's mechanic line company . Macti , right?
- Pit , how do I know that? He has killed many people ...
- Okay . It is just that I 've seen random guy through the window and thought of killing . good idea , right? The main thing is absolutely no reason . Homicide no reason it can not be fully discovered . I'm waiting on the street when there is no one to leave his side . Pang ! Pang ! That's it . There are no witnesses , and no reason ... What do you think ?
- Think you 're sick . Sometimes , I think his name is really crazy , addicted to murder . Sorry , I 'm busy ! I 'm working ! - Saying , Macti quickly hung up .

Depressed cold sweat . He was being threatening . He looked around and saw the empty streets . " He would go out , shoot yourself as Bacbara killed . Should flee immediately . , But must first finish my work ! " - Depressed fearful thought .

Depressed hastily patch cord is going to come back and do more.

He started to put tools in the bag to . Thanks to the sixth sense , you know someone is coming toward her . He heads up , squinting , saw looming shadow man standing about two feet from her . I guarantee that Pito Mecric , right hand holding a black object , held up high . The left arm hanging down , but did not know anything about weapons but he was sure it was a pistol .

Depressed tense wait shootings . Mecric said : " Goodbye ." Then start lowering arm down , make that into heart .

Depressed acted instinctively . He threw a heavy bag on the killer , causing him to hit the intersection between the elbow down . He picked up the bag , hold up , throw Mecric true power forward . There was a broken bone . The killer went limp ...

Appraisers told detectives Vacner staring Pito :

- Dead!
Police rushed in from the side . Besides guarding the crowd and the crowd is curious heads of depressed . He looked around scared . After everything depressed after listening to the detective , he shook his head , looking stunned . Detective sigh , said :
- You do not have any proof . How can I believe what he says ?

Suddenly , the young woman stepped out from the curious crowd , saying accompanied by:

- Ladies detective , you're right . I live next to Mr. Pito . I know the truth - Everyone turned towards her. For the first time , since depressed Mecric not understand that holding a pistol , which is a mobile phone at breaking up with people talking by phone to his delight he sighed . Her neighbor woman Mecric stern look depressed , ask :
- He did not tell him about the Caclain ? This time , he has killed the whole family ...
- What ! - Depressed joyfully say - I told him that mindless killer .

Detectives ask questions :

- She has insisted that he kill all those people ?
- He killed them in each of her books - she nodded women , meet - Maybe he does not know Pito Mecric wrote detective novels . Two months ago, the last novel " The Death of Bacbara " topped his list of best-selling books . All reports have commended it

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