Giss Private Detective - The truth behind the clinic door!

Detectives from family - she still cries every day divorce because her husband was in doubt, he thought he was distracted by a mistake, a party determined to end his shirt , tugged aside . Until the truth is accidentally exposed .

When private detective Giss Office ( Room 501 , 5th Floor , Central Tower Building , 43 Quang Trung , Hong Bang , Hai Phong ) , Strong brings a comfortable mood despite his request was made ​​to investigate is your wife cheating or not , usually for things like this , people in the rarely calm , they always gloomy when the detective told his story , the other pieces , his fun and unusual way to investigate this for you seems hardly important , and indeed so. According to Manh told , he is a director of a company Maketting abroad , and H - Strong 's wife is also a very good stretch woman , she works as a manager for cosmetics distribution company big sound in the country , thanks to her particular job is always busy , two sisters and his wife also had a son together was 2 years old, lives extremely happy family , different from other family , when both the social status , just make a lot of money and always open relationship , but with her ​​, she is still " good for the country , make the home " makes him not immaculate , Strong when talking about his wife could not hide his pride in his wife have been living with him for 5 years. Actually Manh no doubt her relationship underground . The brother thanks to private detective service is only due once the meal inspired even drinking with friends he said that his wife is a woman always perfect and never intended to betray him , a bet between you and your friends to be made. And so I find the detective Giss to evidence and confirm the fidelity of his wife . Convinced that can never commit adultery should Manh said , while there are obvious conclusion , you 'll have friends for export center for happiness and admiration he has got a wonderful wife like that .

Over a week of monitoring, the evidence gathered confirms more than the look of him with his wife , her job required to meet a lot of people , including clients of the same sex and the opposite sex , in process and meeting talking about her work, she always smiled but kept distance allowed , no signs of infidelity , her every expression of private detectives have been closely monitored .

Perhaps the contract will terminate at the monitor here at 1 week but did not see anything in her movements . A new address that made ​​him appear suspect when detectives Giss about , which is a private clinic by her agency nearly a dozen kilometers away , he worried , maybe she was sick anything? why so many hospitals and how she almost did not come, but there is no question what to tell you ? many questions came to mind him , he had doubts that provide for the company and ask Giss detective detectives monitored to see his wife he had something to hide or not ?

In the evening deserted , her car went straight to the clinic is not anyone left in , she stood outside call, wait about 1 minute , the man inside came out , she took the car and then both go on to private room closed the door. experience of the private detective then her expression showed she did not have to go to counseling or medical examination , the couple looked very affectionate together and go into the room .

15 minutes after he arrived, she was dumbfounded when I saw him sitting in front of the clinic inside the man driving the car for her , but she said he did not know what was going to happen and , her face pale , not even a little bit of time for me to create a script to return home as usual . That's just a gambling drunk that he accidentally learned a horrible truth , a truth he did not have dreamed imaginable .

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